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The Human Rights Alliance for Child Refugees & Families, a coalition of community members, activists, academics, and sister organizations based in Los Angeles, fully supports the actions and demands of the Adelanto 9 who are currently on hunger strike in Victorville CA. As an organization that began as a response to the quote/unquote Central American Child Immigrant crisis of 2014, and whose members have seen firsthand the dismal conditions of these so called detention centers headed by the For Profit GEO Group, we understand that for these detained refugees, the decision to organize a hunger strike is a last resort.

Their demands which consists of setting fair bail amounts for all detained, due process afforded under international law for those seeking political asylum, availability of clean, drinking water, and, edible food, are all things that should never be asked for.

Our organization understands that the scores of migrants who come from Central America do not do it solely by choice. We understand that these Adelanto 9 and many more like them, make the arduous journey from their homelands to escape the violence that plagues them yes, but also to escape the dreadful economic conditions spurred on by decades-long U.S. policies and interventions. Interventions and plans which are continuing as we speak with the Central American Security & Prosperity Conference in Miami, where Mexico and the United States are planning to further militarize Mexico’s southern border and recruit the Mexican military as a regional security force.

It is time we face the harsh truth and reality that people leave their home countries by and large, because of necessity and not to “drain our resources” or to pursue some iconic version of the American Dream. The Adelanto 9 are economic refugees and should be afforded the basic rights afforded any political refugee given under international law. Thank you y Animo Adelanto 9![email protected]/albums/72157682122152604

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