[Rising Up With Sonali] Protesters In East Los Angeles Confront Clinton Again – This Time Over Immigration


GUEST: Nancy Zuniga, Coordinator of the Human Rights Alliance for Child Refugees and Families

BACKGROUND: Democratic candidates for President, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, are crisscrossing the prized state of California in the lead up to the June 7th primary election. But in two stops in Los Angeles this month alone, Clinton has been met by as many protesters as supporters.

On May 5th, demonstrators lined the outside of her event in the heavily Latino neighborhood of East LA, castigating her record on immigration and other issues. At that event, she set herself apart from the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump for wanting to build a massive wall on the US-Mexico border.

This week activists confronted Clinton in LA once more. The Human Rights Alliance for Child Refugees and Families organized a protest against Clinton's record on supporting the coup in Honduras that unleashed a wave of desperate refugees, and her subsequent hardline on deporting women and children back to the violent Central American nation. The Department of Homeland Security on May 12th announced a wave of deportations aimed at Central American refugees.

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