Southern California Immigration Coalition, Unión del Barrio, and other Pro-Immigration and Pro-Palestinian Community Groups to Protest President Obama in LA

Contact: Ron Gochez (323) 450-6113

July 21, 2014 

Los Angeles, CA | Unión del Barrio, SCIC and other pro-immigrant and pro-Palestinian progressive groups will hold a march and rally against President Obama during his visit to LA Trade Tech.  The alliance of community groups, consisting of teachers, students, labor organizers, and social activists will demand an immediate end to the president’s deportation of the millions of undocumented immigrants, especially the children and parents currently in detention centers across the country from Central America.  Additionally, protesters will demand that the US government demand from Israel an immediate cessation of its genocidal campaign against the people of Palestine, and an immediate and unconditional creation of a free Palestinian State.

“For the past month, we have seen this President behave at his worst.  He invites our Muslim sisters and brothers to attend a lunch at the White House, where instead of celebrating a religious holiday he admonishes them publicly to score political points.  He then makes his intentions to start deportation procedures against children and their accompanying parents from Central America immediately with careless disregard to their lives or what awaits them upon their return,” said Ron Gochez of Unión del Barrio.  “As if that wasn’t enough, he instructs VP Biden and Secretary Kerry to side with the Israeli government in their military incursion and murder of innocent Palestinian civilians.  We cannot allow this president to belittle an entire religious community, deport young children to a potential life of crime or death, or stand idly by while women and children are murdered by Israeli bombs.”

The SCIC is a grassroots, community-based coalition comprised of organizations and labor unions from throughout Southern California.  Since its foundation, SCIC has fought to end the Secure Communities Program and other anti-immigrant and anti-worker policies such as 287(g), e-Verify, and the vehicle impounds of undocumented immigrants.  As a coalition, the SCIC will continue to remain steadfast in its commitment to standing up to any injustice perpetrated against our immigrant communities. 

WHAT:           Protest march and rally

WHO:              Unión del Barrio, SCIC member organizations, Pro-Palestinian and anti-war groups, teachers, students, parents, community and labor organizers

WHEN:           Thursday, 24 July 2014, 12PM

WHERE:         Gather at Santee Education Complex at 12PM (1921 Maple Ave), begin march at 12:30PM down Washington Blvd. to LA Trade Tech College

VISUALS:        Posters, banners, bullhorns.

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